Mental Toughness at Manchester City

BPS LogoJust a quick research update to sign post people to an important upcoming conference (BPS North of England) to be held at the home of Manchester City. The conference takes place on November 16th with the main theme being “Back to the Future: Reflections and Implications Following the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games”. I will be presenting a paper entitled “From the sports field to the classroom: Relationships between mental toughness, achievement, and progression in first-year University sports students.” This work is another collaboration with the University of Hull and provides evidence that mental toughness is important in student populations, and highlights the need for interventions to facilitate greater student achievement but also avoid significant dropout rates in first-year students. It appears that possessing mental toughness can aid the transition between further and higher education. The full version of this research is currently in revision at a peer-reviewed journal so more on this when the work is “in press”.

I should also say that one of my research collaborators at Leeds Trinity University (John Perry) is also presenting evidence at Manchester that the MTQ48 has at least adequate psychometric properties. Using a large sample of over 8000 participants these results are in direct contrast to recent work by Gucciardi and colleagues that used data that was badly skewed. While we acknowledge the MTQ48 is not a perfect measure of mental toughness (no measure is perfect) it is certainly “fit for purpose” and continues to demonstrate what is arguably the most salient characteristic of all – good predictive validity.