Developing Mental Toughness (Book)

mental toughness book_1Last year, Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk kindly asked me to contribute a chapter to their book, “Developing Mental Toughness: Improving performance, wellbeing and positive behaviour in others”. The book was published by Kogan Page in February 2012 and has now sold out it’s initial run. The publishers want a new edition already which is great news and reflects well on the applied nature that Peter and Doug encouraged. Also good to hear that other books are planned – more details when these are nearing completion.

I am looking forwards to meeting up with Peter and Doug at the West Midlands Coaching event at Birmingham on November 5th. We are all presenting in some form or another, with my workshop focusing upon “Positive thinking and lessons from the world of sport”. The main focus of the event is resilience so should be an interesting day, especially with the challenges we all face in difficult times. It’s interesting to note that mental toughness is essentially an individual resistance resource that comes between stress and it’s consequences (such as illness, or poor performance). It’s easy to forget that the actual relationship between stress and illness has always been low(ish); typically (r = .3). Stress isn’t all bad (quite the opposite) but sometimes we need to learn how to cope more effectively with it. What we do know thanks to Adam Nicholls and colleagues is that mentally tough folks are more effective at coping with stress. So lessons to be learnt there I feel! All for now.