Coming soon…the MTQ48 strikes back!


Great news regarding a large scale psychometric evaluation of the MTQ48. After a recent critical paper by Gucciardi, Hanton, and Mallett (2012) which appeared to cast doubt on the MTQ48 as a credible measure of MT, we obtained their data and found it to be badly skewed and also problematic in several other regards. We have provided our own response paper which is shortly to be published in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

We have been working on our own evaluation which was led by John Perry. This work included over 8000 participants and avoided skewed data! Like another independent psychometric evaluation of the MTQ48 (See Horsburgh et al., 2009), this new study found support for the MTQ48 and in particular the model of MT proposed by Clough et al. (2002). The paper was accepted for publication yesterday and will be published soon. Well done to all those involved but especially to John for his leadership.

Perry, J. L., Clough, P. J., Crust, L., Earle, K., and Nicholls, A. R. (in press). Factorial Validity of the Mental Toughness Questionnaire-48. Personality and Individual Differences.