International Centre for Mental Toughness Development


Last Friday I attended a meeting in Leeds concerning the establishment of the International Centre for Mental Toughness Development (ICMTD). This exciting new venture is being coordinated by AQR (the copyright holders for the MTQ48) following increasing demand for research and evaluative projects into mental toughness. In the past fairly loose relationships have existed between AQR, researchers, and Universities, but now the formation of the ICMTD is an attempt to provide a more formal arrangement that can benefit all. The ICMTD aims to provide a hub of innovative research and evaluation that means knowledge of MT can be enhanced in areas such as education and health settings. A website is under contruction so when all is ready I will add the link to this site. We already have so much data not yet analysed / published that one of the biggest challenges is having the time to coordinate efforts and produce meaningful outputs and ultimately help people to develop MT. So far, the evidence strongly supports the importance of MT in all settings that involve stress and adversity. We already have interventions that appear to be working well in developing MT but the ICMTD should help to expand and refine these interventions to suit the needs of specific groups. All very exciting.

Happy Christmas to you all.