Mental Toughness Symposium

Members of the MTOUGH group and external collaborators will be presenting their latest research at the joint BPS Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Conference at the University of Reading on Thursday September 5th 2013. Many thanks to Helen St. Clair-Thompson from the University of Hull for co-ordinating the symposium that is scheduled to run from 9am to 10.40am.  The mental toughness symposium includes five papers that employed both qualitative and quantitative approaches to understanding mental toughness. I will be presenting findings from one study that was a collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University staff and involved in-depth interviews with senior coaching staff at an un-named (but very successful) Premier League Football Club. Some of the insights and knowledge obtained from these staff has helped to provide some new ideas about what mental toughness is and how it can be developed. There are numerous other similar projects that are ongoing which will be reported on this site when closer to completion.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who applied for the MT studentship. There were a large number of very strong applicants which meant some good candidates with promising research ideas were not shortlisted. I wish you all well with your research going forward.

Best wishes,