Mental Toughness Research Presented at BPS CogDev Conference

On Thursday September 5th a Mental Toughness Symposium was held during the BPS Joint Cognitive and Developmental Psychology Sections Conference at Reading University. Three colleagues from the University of Hull BPS Logo(Myfanwy Bugler, Jamey Robinson, and Helen St. Clair-Thompson) presented work using the MTQ48 in educational settings. These studies continue to evidence the relationship between mental toughness and academic achievement that was previous reported by Crust et al. (2012). Some academic discussions ensued concerning some of the cognitive tasks used in these studies. I then presented a paper concerning a collaborative project between staff at Lincoln and Liverpool John Moores University. This was a qualitative study concerning perceptions of mental toughness in an English Premier League football (soccer) academy. Interviews were conducted with key academy staff in one of the most successful English and European teams. Findings were compared to previous conceptualisations of mental toughness although perhaps the most interesting part of the study concerned how the staff attempted to develop mental toughness, and that this most important aspect of player progress was being inadequately addressed.Football academy The full paper should be available soon (currently in revision at a Journal). The final presentation at the symposium came from Peter Clough who gave an excellent overview of the current understanding and future directions and applications of mental toughness. Many thanks to Helen for organising this event and to Myfanwy, Jamey, and Peter for being such good company over the two days.