New Member of MTOUGH

LizziephotoEarlier this year the University of Lincoln advertised a number of fully funded PhD opportunities, and the work of the MTOUGH group was acknowledged with one of these being for a PhD in mental toughness. As previously mentioned, our advertisement  produced a strong field of applicants. Lizzie Stamp was awarded the studentship and has recent started work and joined as a member of the MTOUGH team. Lizzie is a recent graduate from the University of Hull and her proposed research is examining the role of mental toughness in relation to lifestyle and wellbeing. While the study of mental toughness has emerged from research in elite sport, there has been a steady stream of recent work that is moving beyond sport (see Clough & Strycharczk, 2012) and into areas such as education and business. In sum, there are numerous other demanding and challenging settings when mental toughness can be important. Lizzie is looking to expand this idea to focus on lifestyle and health related issues. We look forward to informing you of progress over the next couple of years as this work begins.

In addition, just to say that the MTOUGH site is going to be updated within the next month or so. Check back soon to see a more dynamic and interactive site.