Reflections on Professor Weinberg’s Visit

Having recently looked back over the posts on this site I realised that there was no follow-up to the visit of Professor Bob Weinberg to Lincoln in April this year. It was a pleasure to welcome Bob to Lincoln and we enjoyed his company over the two days he was here. In that time, Bob was on a busy schedule which included meeting with students, taking part in a question and answer session and delivering a guest lecture. We also found time to discuss mental toughness research and was pleased that Dr. Peter Clough from the University of Hull also managed to join us. It was these discussions that have paved the way for collaboration. Bob is currently working with members of MTOUGH on an innovative research project. This work is currently being written-up but we will say more of this in the coming months. As well as Bob’s insights into mental toughness, we also learned that “Miami was a University before Florida was a State”. Bob is based at Miami University (Ohio, not Florida).

Robert Weindberg