MTOUGH support for Gifted and Talented Athletes

Whilst a key aim of MTOUGH is to develop new insights into mental toughness, it is vital that the knowledge and experience of the group is passed on to others. It is important that research knowledge is applied to enable individuals to be more successful and to have more enjoyable experiences in sport, work, life etc. It is particularly pleasing that MTOUGH researcher and practitioner Dr. Christian Swann has been doing just that in providing psychological support to Gifted and Talented young athletes attending workshops at the University of Lincoln. Christian worked with the young athletes on aspects of psychology that included thinking more positively and dealing with doubts. More information about the success of this event was recently published in the local press The positive feedback from parents demonstrates the effect that such schemes can have in preparing the athletes of the future. Christian was supported in this session by some of the excellent under-graduate students that are currently studying sport and exercise science at the University of Lincoln.