New Member of MTOUGH

Early in 2014 the University of Lincoln advertised a number of fully-funded PhD oppurtunities, and the work of the MTOUGH group was acknowledged with one of the advertised PhD’s examining mental toughness and flow. Patricia Jackman was awarded the studentship and has recently started work and joined as a member of the MTOUGH team. Patricia is a graduate of the Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science in Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland. Her recent undergraduate and postgraduate research work has involved an exploration of flow states in Irish jockeys. Despite not having a background in horse racing, Patricia had an interest in the performance aspect of the sport and subsequently attempted to merge her passion for flow and sport psychology with her fascination for thoroughbred horses. Patricia presented this research at the BASES 2013 conference whilst also presenting her recent work at the QRSE 2014 conference alongside Dr. Christian Swann in the Performance Psychology session. An article exploring flow states in flat-jockeys co-authored by Patricia has recently been accepted to the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (Jackman, Van Hout, Lane & Fitzpatrick, in press). The focus of this PhD will be to investigate the link between mental toughness and flow which was exhibited in previous research within the MTOUGH Research Group (Crust & Swann, 2013). In particular, emphasis will be placed on understanding the factors underpinning this relationship and how mental toughness facilitates the occurrence of flow. Patricia has an interest in all sports and is looking forward to carrying out research in a diverse range of sportspeople. We look forward to printing updates as the research progresses.