New MTOUGH Publication

Happy New Year to you all. With the Christmas break the MTOUGH site has been quiet for a while but we are pleased to report that a new publication is scheduled for March 2015. Lizzie Stamp has been examining links between mental toughness and psychological wellbeing in a wide range of university students. Using the MTQ48 (Clough et al., 2002) and the Scales of Psychological Wellbeing (Ryff, 1989) to measure the two constructs, the team found significant and moderate to strong positive relationships between the two variables. This is further evidence of the important role of mental toughness when faced with potentially challenging situations at university. It is possible that possessing mental toughness means students are better able to deal with the pressures (being away from home, exams, managing study time, assignment deadlines etc.) of University life and remain healthy when faced with potential stressors. Those students with lower mental toughness generally reported lower level of psychological wellbeing. As a research team we are now interested to see if this effect occurs across a range of different domains and is linked to outcome measures (results, performances). We would like to thank Professor Peter Clough (Manchester Met. University), Dr. John Perry (Leeds Trinity University), and Dr. David Marchant (Edgehill University) for helping with data collection for this study. The full citation for the work is given below. Those interested in obtaining a PDF version of the full paper should contact Lizzie Stamp (

Stamp, E., Crust, L., Swann, C., Perry, J., Clough, P., & Marchant, D. (2015). Relationships between mental toughness and psychological wellbeing in University students. Personality and Individual Differences, 75, 170-174.

PS – Congrats to John – a well deserved doctorate!