The Onward Journey

Over the last six years it has been my pleasure to first supervise the PhD research of Christian Swann, and then to see Christian obtain his doctorate and flourish as both an excellent teacher and researcher at the University of Lincoln. His research on flow is enabling new understanding about this elusive psychological state and it was just last week that we were informed of another joint paper being accepted in Psychology of Sport and Exercise – more details to follow in due course. Christian has also contributed to several papers on mental toughness and we are currently working together on an exciting project – details of which we hope to share with you early next year. After nine years in total at the University of Lincoln, Christian has decided to move on to new challenges and a new life in Australia and takes up his research post this week. All members of MTOUGH wish him well, and thank him for his contributions to the MTOUGH group over the last few years. I am, however, pleased that we will continue to be collaborating with Christian and as such we now have a new international member of MTOUGH!

As Christian moves on, I am excited to announce that Dr Adam Coussens is the newest member of the University of Lincoln staff to join MTOUGH. Adam completed his PhD work (concerning social support in sport) at Exeter University and we look forward to the collaborative work to come. Adam has already proven himself to be a capable teacher and researcher and his skills and expertise will be invaluable as we plan our future research projects. Adam will be presenting his latest research at the forthcoming BPS Sport and Exercise Psychology conference at Leeds next month.