IJSP Special Edition: Mental Toughness

Over the summer, the International Journal of Sport Psychology published a special “double” edition on mental toughness. The journal includes papers that take a variety of approaches to further understand mental toughness and add to the burgeoning research area. I am very pleased to report that studies from the PhD research of Lizzie Stamp and Patricia Jackman were included. The full citations of these studies are listed below.

Stamp, E., Crust, L., Swann, C., & Perry, J. (2017). Relationships between mental toughness, barriers to exercise, and exercise behaviour in undergraduate students. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 48, 262-277.

Jackman, P., Crust, L., & Swann, C. (2017). Further examining the relationship between mental toughness and dispositional flow in sport. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 48, 356-374.