Forthcoming Papers

Some good news to report is that members of MTOUGH have been involved with a couple of research papers (one quantitative, one qualitative) that have been accepted for publication. The first was a collaboration led by Dr Richard Cowden (Vanderbilt University) which examined mental toughness and self-forgiveness in tennis players. Many thanks are due to Richard for his kind invitation to participate in this project. The second paper is an extension of previous research that we conducted with elite high-altitude mountaineers. We (Crust, Swann, & Allen-Collinson, 2016) previously examined mental toughness and decision-making within an elite sample, primarily with regards to the choice to either continue or turn-around at crucial moments during summit attempts. The new paper is more concerned with the behaviours of mentally tough mountaineers across entire expeditions and as such provides a more comprehensive understanding of mental toughness in the context of a very dangerous and risky pursuit. The papers (listed below) are in press and should be available soon. I hope they are of interest.

Cowden, R., Crust, L., Joynt, S., Hook, J, and Worthington Jr., E. (in press). How Do Mentally Tough Athletes Overcome Self-Directed Anger, Shame, and Criticism? A Self-Forgiveness Mediation Analysis. International Journal of Sport Psychology.

Crust, L., Swann, C, and Allen-Collinson, J. (in press). Mentally Tough Behaviour in Extreme Environments: Preceptions of Elite High-Altitude Mountaineers. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health.