Weather Work in Mountaineering

Over the last few years members of MTOUGH have been fortunate enough to conduct a series of research projects using samples of elite mountaineers. In particular we have published three papers in sport psychology journals that have primarily focused upon mental toughness in relation to decision-making, responses to natural disaster, and behaviours whilst on expedition. In these papers we were joined by Professor Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson whose experience and understanding of the phenomenological method has proved invaluable. Jacquelyn is a sociologist with a particular interest in embodiment and a recent interest in how experiencing changes in weather, and learning from weather encounters can impact upon experiences in physical domains. As such, we couldn’t pass-by the opportunity to collaborate once more, this time in more sociologically-oriented research. The result of our most recent collaboration is a paper that is forthcoming in the journal Body and Society that considers the impact of weather in the experiences of elite mountaineers. The paper is currently in press and should be available soon.

Allen-Collinson, J, Crust, L and Swann, C (2018 in press) Embodiment in high-altitude mountaineering: Sensing and working with the weather, Body & Society.