MTOUGH working with Lincolnshire Police

Enhancing wellbeing is considered to be a fundamental aspiration of our society. Over the last number of years, the MTOUGH research group have been involved in a number of projects related to psychological wellbeing. Earlier this month, Dr Trish Jackman delivered an impact paper on psychological wellbeing in police employees at the British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference in Chester. On this project, Trish was joined by her School of Sport and Exercise Science colleagues Dr Hannah Henderson and Georgia Clay, and Dr Adam Coussens (Newcastle University). In this research, the team sought to develop understanding of the relationship between psychological wellbeing, social support, and personality traits in police employees. The findings indicated that received support, perceived support, emotional stability, and extraversion were significant predictors of psychological wellbeing in police employees. A noteworthy finding was that received support was the strongest predictor of psychological wellbeing, thus highlighting the importance of obtaining support to promote psychological wellbeing in this occupational context. Further details on this conference presentation can be found here.