New Collaboration

I am pleased to report that MTOUGH is collaborating on a new project concerning the psychology of mountaineering with the elite mountaineer and academic Shaunna Burke. Shaunna summited Mount Everest in 2005 and became only the second Canadian woman to do so. Alongside a distinguished mountaineering career, Shaunna is also a highly respected and successful academic who works as an Associate Professor at the University of Leeds (UK). Her work has recently focused upon quality of life and promoting physical activity with cancer patients but she has also combined her passion for mountaineering with several research papers that explored topics such as feel and motivation in Everest climbers, and more recently the potential for mountaineering as therapy with breast cancer survivors, and combat veterans We will provide more specific details about the project as we make progress but we hope to make a solid contribution to the existing literature on the psychology of mountaineering by combining our passion, experience, and research knowledge.