Systematic Review on Flow States in Exercise

We are pleased to report that three members of the MTough Research Group co-authored a paper that was recently accepted for publication in Psychology of Sport and Exercise.  The paper systematically reviewed literature on flow states in exercise and involved Trish Jackman, Rebecca Hawkins, and Lee Crust, as well as Christian Swann (Southern Cross University, Australia). This systematic review included 26 papers and provides an overview of current understanding of flow states in exercise activities. An interesting finding was that half of the papers included in the review involved exergaming, a form of exercise that incorporates video gaming. In addition, it was noteworthy that only a single paper in the review employed a qualitative approach, with the remaining 25 papers using quantitative measures. Based on the findings of the review, it has been suggested that there is a need for researchers to address several conceptual and methodological issues in the field going forward. This paper can be accessed at the following link: